Predictive Maintenance Program

  • Tired of losing critical equipment when you need it most?Tired of downtime due to mechanical failure?
  • Then a predictive maintenance program is right for you!

Protect your plant with PMP!

What is PMP?

The Predictive Maintenance Program (PMP) is designed to find mechanical problems through the use of vibration analysis. With this technology we are able to predict equipment failures due to wear, misalignment and unbalanced conditions. To perform this service we use state of the art data collectors and computer programs to analyze the condition of the mechanical equipment, from the base on up! After analyzing your equipment the data is then compiled into a detailed report explaining any problems found. The best part about the service is that your equipment needs to be in full operation to perform vibration analysis. Thus allowing you to perform predictive / preventative maintenance without interfering with production. This will reduce down Time and improve the reliability of your equipment!

Ideal Applications to be Analyzed:

  • AC & DC Motors
  • Pumps
  • Fans or Blowers
  • Gearboxes

On-site service is available to customers located in MO, IL, KS, AR, KY, TN, and IN. Call (800) 530-5810 today for to see how this service could allow you to see tomorrow's problems today! We will provide a sample report and pricing.