Laser Alignment

Laser-boreOur services include:

  • Alignment of Rotating Equipment
  • Readout Assistance for Maintenance
  • Bore Alignment
  • Motor Removal & Installation

We can service your equipment in our shop or on your site.  We can balance any revolving equipment, including blowers, fans, rotors, armatures, combine blades and more.  We offer laser alignment and can perform a vibration analysis. 

More about Bore Alignment

ZELLER ELECTRIC now offers Laser Bore Alignment on all makes of extruders.  BORE SIZES FROM 1.5" TO 30." with BORALIGN.

  • BORALIGN offers true bore center measurements, not just bore straightness.  It measures whether bores are in line with one another and with the rotating centerline of the shaft. Its measurement results to ISO 9000/MIMOSA standards can be documented through any office printer. The unit can be setup to a particular job and predefined values can be entered to compensate for thermal growth or shaft sag.
  • The offset between bores can be measured to the nearest 0.0001".  The angle of a bore with respect to any other bore can be measured.
  • BORALIGN can also be used for measuring of bores and bearings in compressors, turbines, pumps and other machinery.  BORALIGN can also be used in the marine applications (stern tube bearing alignment).

This service is available to customers located in MO, IL, KS, AR, KY, TN, and IN. Please call us at (800) 530-5810 and let us help you. For emergencies, please call (314) 638-0166.