Advanced Motor Diagnostics

Wouldn’t you like to know the electric health of your motors?  With Zeller’s new Advanced Motor Diagnostics Service, we can let you know the condition of your critical motors that are either in use or spares on the shelf. 

This specialty motor maintenance program is an advanced step in PDMA services and utilizes both motor circuit analysis and electrical signature analysis to gather the best available date to know what is most important about your most important motors.

Our advanced All- Test Pro equipment accomplishes what previously took 5 different pieces of equipment to provide the same information.  This equipment is non-destructive and portable, so it can be used in our shop or on your job site.  We also provide this service without dissembling your motor, saving you downtime.

With the All-Test Pro equipment, Zeller conducts on and offline electrical motor system testing.  These energized tests utilize both electrical signature analysis and power analysis to provide information about incoming power, the mechanical and electrical health of your motor, as well as an analysis of the driven load for gear boxes, belts, bearings, and more.  Energized on-line testing can provide valuable information for AC induction and DC motors, generators, wound rotor motors, synchronous motors, servos and other equipment.  Static offline testing uses condition monitoring and circuit analysis to provide information about your spare or back-up motor. 

What will we find?

This critical motor predictive maintenance program will be testing for faults including: turn-to-turn, coil-to-coil, phase-to-phase, open phases, burned or contaminated windings, poor connections, broken or cracked rotor bars, voids, rotor eccentricity, grounded windings, and cable faults.

Take advantage of the new Advanced Motor Diagnostics Services, available in MO, IL, AR, TN, KY, KS, and IN. 

Please call us at (800)-530-5810 and let us help you. For emergencies, please call 314-638-0166.