AC/DC Motor Repair

Siemens20motor20500_CGIIExpert workmanship and attention to detail have earned Zeller Electric its fine reputation for motor repair and rewinds. Small to large, AC or DC, each motor undergoes a regiment of disassembly, load testing, balancing, assembly and a quality control check before we give it our seal of approval to go back to work.

Our repair technicians have a complete library of EASA rewind data available. We are capable of rewinding up to 5000 HP - 4160 volts on all types of AC induction motors including mush-coil motors and AC slip ring rotors. In addition, we rewind large synchronous motors. Zeller routinely checks all AC cores for core loss. DC rewinds include the rewinding of DC armatures and fields.

This valuable service is available to customers located in MO, IL, KS, AR, KY, TN, and IN. Please call us at (800)-530-5810 and let us help you. For emergencies, please call 314-638-0166.